Buddy is the person I want to be when I have grown and polished off all my rough and selfish edges. He is the forward in the game, charging the ball kicked across the yard. He goes out before me each night, turning his ears toward the woods sometimes dashing off the platform barking away anything which might harm me.
Buddy has patiently helped to raise puppies and college kids. He is the gentle host eager for a good game yet tolerant as his babies crawl over him. He is the bravest heart, charging an entire pack of coyotes in the darkness before I could react. A bull once had me cornered against a fence when Buddy attacked him nearly taking a horn to his chest. I broke a limb from the oak tree that overhung and Buddy and I convinced the bull that he would die or retreat. Fortunately, the bull chose the latter.

Recently, Buddy darted across the field ahead of me to head off the deadly boar before it could escape into the tall weeds and so that I could get there with a gun. Buddy loves a good square dance too. The videos show him running and dancing in the circles at the annual hoedowns for the college kids. He is generous to share his bowl with any creature. He loves and nurtures. He will share your greatest joys and deepest sorrows as your best friend would.