William Pinkney Welch and Sallie Vance Welch purchased the land around 1918 from Mr. Grace. There was 130 acres.

William Welch grew products for the market: beans, cucumbers, cabbage, peppers, squash, eggplants and oranges.

William Welch had to go to Jacksonville for treatments for his back. He had to take 60 treatments. The last one killed him. He died July 19, 1925.

The Federal Land Bank fro Columbia, South Carolina foreclosed on the property in 1935 and the family had to move off.

William and Sallie’s children:

William “Will” Pinkney Welch, Jr., born October 24, 1908, died 1973.

James “Jimmy” David Welch, born April 22, 1911, died 1986.

Joe born December 1915, died November 1916.

Sara Lucrecia (Welch) Peek, born December 4, 1916, died October 5, 2011.

James “Jimmy” David Welch Sr. and Thelma “Ruth” Webb were married in McIntosh, Florida at a ministers home and spent their “Honeymoon” in the West front upstairs bedroom of this house on December 24, 1933.

Jimmy’s mother, Sallie Vance Welch, owned this house at the time. His dad William “Will” Pinkney Welch Sr. had passed away.