The House

There is some question as to the date the present house was built. A photograph lately found may date its construction prior to 1879 which was previously thought to be its earliest date. The two story victorian was at some point the guest house of the antebellum mansion which stood overlooking Clearwater Lake, which is now almost dry. The mansion burned around 1900.

During the war between the states, at a time when young ladies were closely chaperoned, soldiers on furlough could find a private moment in the little two person boat which was tied to the dock. All that remains of the mansion is a cistern eighteen feet deep into the white limestone.

The Land

Once part of a plantation of thousands of acres, the quarter section of land that surrounds the house now provides fields for crops and hay. In the past couple of decades,we have cleared the property of invasive species and have undertaken a vigorous project of planting native species of plants and trees. The work is ongoing.

The House

The big Oak