Due to the miracles of the computer age, I was able to fall in love with Shane when he was just a few weeks old snuffling snow in Virginia. He was born New Year’s Day 2010. Karen Thompson, is our breeder in Virginia, and first Mom to Buddy, Joy and Shane.

I am so grateful to her for much happiness. Shane wants to be by my side 24/7. This can be a problem when I am working on the farm, especially with sharp tools and machinery. So the little boy still spends some time in the pen built just for him.

He is learning not to run after my car when I leave, not yet understanding to stop at the gate. He must ride on the golf cart if anyone does, and unless you have an arm around him, will leap to chase the squirrel or Buddy.

He is invincible, he thinks. So far he is right. When he was very small, we four would all walk the fields together and eagles would circle with a close eye on him. One evening Shane ran ahead on the lane and did not see the great owl launch on the same path behind him. Buddy did, however, and raced the distance, diverting the owl Shane never saw. Shane will have his time to grow, develop skills and add his stories to the pages of the Fair Oaks diary. He has the greatest teachers.