Past Employees

Sebastian Solski

When you take a joy ride around Fair Oaks, you will notice her beauty all around your driving path. Calm, subtle energy surrounds you day and night. When I first started working at Fair Oaks, I noticed her vast potential.

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Matt Kavanaugh

My tenure at Fair Oaks was brief, but I learned so much in that short time that I feel like I worked there for years. I was hired with essentially no experience and was quickly trained on heavy equipment and taught how to use basic handtools efficiently, safely, and effectively.

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Features Artists

J. T. Glisson

J. T. Glisson was a child when Marjorie Kinan Rawlings has enchanted us with her lyrical descriptions of Cross Creek. J.T., born in 1927, grew up knowing her as his parent’s next-door neighbor, “200 yards up the road.” Rawlings described Jake in her memoir:

“I made up my mind,” he said, “my young uns would get a better chance than their daddy.”

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Fair Oaks Friends

Freddie and Sue Wood

There is one building in Eviston, Florida that looks much as it did nearly a century ago, the Wood & Swink Old Store and Post Office. The store and post office has been in the Wood family since the turn of the century.

Freddie Wood has been a farmer all of his life. Local seasonal produce from Freddie Wood’s garden is available for sale at the Post Office and Country Store. This includes potatoes, sweet corn, collards, kale, lettuce, onions, broccoli, peas, cabbage, rutabagas, beans and okra.

Freddie’s wife, Sue Wood has been the postmaster at the Wood & Swink, the Florida’s oldest working post office since 1979.