Where words don’t seem adequate, a painting finds ways of communicating to the soul through color and shadow.

In the studio, on location, out in nature, award-winning landscape artist Linda Blondheim is one of the best plein aire painters in the South. Each painting is unique, with layers of love, hope, faith, and passion shining through.

Linda often calls Fair Oaks her second home and admits that the farm in Evinston, Florida is her favorite place to paint!

“I’ve been asked many times where I love to paint the most? I’ve been painting in the tiny hamlet of Evinston Florida for about 15 years at various farms and on Orange Lake. Evinston is located between the two cities of Gainesville and Ocala. About three years ago I discovered Fair Oaks Farm in Evinston. Fair Oaks is my very favorite place to paint and to be. It has all of the qualities that are appealing to a plein air painter.”

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