On February 11 through 13, we enlisted friends new and old for a major native planting at Fair Oaks. Tyler Burris, Mark Larson, and Sebastian Solski, our foremen teamed up with Sam Ashbaugh, Robert Fetterman, Jorge Gomez, William (Randy) Hooper, Ryan Mueller, Carlos Sanchez, Ben Scharroo, Cesar Vera, and Oliver Volkmann to plant more than 1400 native species here.

These good fellows shared plentiful blisters, muddy faces, tired muscles, and generous laughter for their historical contributions. They understand the importance of their efforts in our continuing goal to provide a habitat suitable for all species native to this area of Florida.

Over the next weeks, we will water and nurture these plants, hopeful for their survival for future generations to enjoy.

We are grateful for Magda Raszka, our rose among thorns, and dear friend, who cooked for us and documented this project in her photography and contributions to our web site.