Fair Oaks is as much of an idea as a place. It springs from the heart of Faye Miles who once lived here. In the 50’s and 60’s, Faye and her husband Guy hosted up to twelve “flat heads”, students from the University of Florida, near by. Faye was a concert pianist and teacher, Guy a professor of literature. The Miles accumulated horses and students. All lived here for a time, some for decades, years or a weekend.

Faye Miles 1970-71

Faye would mail parts of a Midsummer’s Night Dream to us and we would bring covered dishes to dine on the balcony in the evening and read and laugh our foolish parts to the deep green magnolia. As the light faded, Faye played Mozart and Chopin for us in the parlor, stopping occasionally to explain a phrase, or tell us something of the composer. Always teaching. Always accepting the new face and new life that crossed her threshold. Faye’s inspiration is here still, welcoming you.

Faye Miles

Download original letter from Faye here [PDF]

Guy Miles interview files and recordings, 1962-1993.