A paradise for nature lovers.

When you first turn on down the Lane, make sure you keep it nice and slow, so you don’t miss anything. You will see hayfields on the right and left, and you might catch a glimpse of the Bat House. As you pass under the many live oaks, be sure to watch out for happy, curious dogs. To the west, you can see the Pond and the Grape Arbor. Some friendly folks may be grilling and relaxing under the arbor and jumping in and out of the pond. As you continue down the lane, the Old House will emerge, then you can turn off to the right and park your car. Get out and come right in.

Take a good long walk around, there is a lot to see. Off to the east you can see the Stage and the Square Dance Court, and you can almost hear the knee-slappin hand-clappin toe-tappin good time music booming out and it is pretty easy to imagine the old-fashioned fun and excitement that will be happening there soon.

You will discover just about as much as you are able to soak up as you walk about. Sure, it is easy to spot the Giant Rope Swing that will send you soaring over the sloping backyard, but, if you dare to venture out far enough, let’s see if you can find the Sebastian Solski Trail which meanders through the Northeast Woods along Fish Prairie. On the way, stop and take a look at the Old Cistern, right next to Nike, whose winged arms you can just picture lifting her massive trunk right out of the ground to send her flying out over the Big Pond.

Keeping up towards the house and front yard, you will sure to happen upon the Citrus Orchard, which, if visited in the right season, will offer you an unforgettable selection of sweets. So grab a couple handfuls of tangerines and come have a seat on the front porch and rock a while. There’s probably some sweet tea nearby. Keep an eye out for the Bluebirds and an ear out for the Sandhill Cranes. After that, stroll on down to the Pond and have a seat on the edge of the dock and dangle your feet. Was that a white catfish? You’ll have to come see for yourself.

Be sure to wander through the Hammock, a low-lying densely covered forest area with plenty of twisting trails through Native Florida flora, which will bring you out to Cypress Lane. If you take a left up the hill and head north through the fields for a while, you will find yourself at the edge of the Back Woods. Those who venture into the Back Woods always come back with a story to tell.

Thanks for coming to Fair Oaks. We welcome your return to this ever-changing paradise. Feel free to hug the trees. Everybody here does it.