Kyley was born March 19, 2018 in Virginia and came to Fair Oaks shortly thereafter by plane.  Matt Kavanaugh was the first to greet her at the airport and he bathed her and her pen under warm water from a garden hose there.  She and Matt have a very special bond ever since.  In the beginning, Shane considered Kyley a nuisance, and she was!  Now, they run together in the fields, teasing each other and vying for the kick ball.  Shane is the master basketball handler and is very patiently teaching Kyley.  Kyley is the master of the tennis ball, however, and she returns it to the human launcher every time.  Kyley is still a bit mischievous and likes to make a game of staying out under the stars while her caretakers search for her.  We are finding it is best to ignore her to ensure her quickest return.   Kyley is the first to rise each morning jingling her collar as an alarm for all to wake.  She is also the first to sleep, hanging her head off the sofa in deep repose, dreaming of the bouncing ball, no doubt, if her legs give any hint.  What a wonderful little girl.