If you are lucky enough, like I have been, to have the opportunity to say “Hello” and introduce yourself to Jake (J.T.) Glisson, you’d better sit down and get comfortable.

Jake Glisson is a man with an abundant wealth of stories and a never-ending enthusiasm to entertain and keep captive his audience, and as much as I may think I’ve got other important things I should be doing, I always come away glad that I chose to sit back and let him take me away into his world, his childhood, his wonderful memories.

Hours pass very quickly when they are spent with J.T. Glisson. You might find it hard to believe that his stories could possibly be real and not completely exaggerated, but his detail makes their existence undeniable.

My understanding and appreciation of Florida History is still in its infancy, and that is never more evident than when I run into Jake and he blows my mind with enchanting tales of his boyhood in the backwoods of this dangerous state.

J.T. is one of those characters that, when you hear him talk, you can’t help but think, “this guy should write a book!” And he has written several! Jake also expresses his love for Florida nature in his paintings, sculptures, drawings, and many other media. Rather than depict a still landscape, Jake finds it more interesting and challenging to capture wildlife in motion.

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